"Puffy the famous talking cat welcomes you to her official website                                                                   ...Hello friends,  My name is Puffy and I can talk!

Puffy the cat is recognized as the most famous talking cat in the world today!  Puffy stars in some very funny videos and a  new  adventure book which are available on this website as well as in Android app form on Google's Android Marketplace.  Puffy has had many fun and exciting adventures that you can enjoy FREE!  "Just click onto any of the links below to start enjoying the many adventures the world's most loveable  entertaining talking cat!... Be sure to check out Puffy's new book entitled "Mystery at the royal palace, the case of the missing ring"! - An action packed mystery adventure staring special agent Puffy who along with cousin Tom solves her most famous case for the the Queen and the newly engaged royal couple!..."Don't miss out on this exciting new adventure story filled with mystery and intrigue as Puffy saves the royal wedding.













Hillbilly cousin tom invites puffy to go swimming!


Puffy (Home Alone) 

Puffy at the house party  (who farted)?

                 Puffy talks about sneaky cats!










The Adventures of  "Puffy The Talking Cat"



















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